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My friend Rosie put this poem on facebook about her (ex)boyfriend. It was so awesome I just had to post this!! I can't read it with out thinking BURN! YOU OBNOXIOUS JERKWAD!!!!!  The guy (he's a "friend" of mine(not realy) We went to the same school forever) as we discovered is a major player who already has new "girlfriend" who is apparently cheating on him and he so freakin deservs it. Karma is just wonderfull somtimes. Comment if you <3 revenge/karma.

I hate you now
So go away from me
You're gone, so long
You're so full of shit
I can't stand the way you act
I just can't comprehend
I don't think that you can handle it
I'm way over, over it

I don't really care what you have to say
Cause you know, you know you're nothing

I'm so sick
I'm sick of your shit, don't deny
You're a waste of time
I'm sick of your shit, don't ask why

I hope rosie doesnt mind the title I added. -


So in other news, I left my phone in Portland the other day, and someone turned it in and I just got it back from the AT&T store!!! Yay!!! Expect to see the new pictures I took last weekend sometime soon!
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Submitted on
September 29, 2011